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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why a Colorado divorce law and family mediation blog?

As many of you may know, issues in family and divorce law in Colorado (as in all states) and parenting research news and controversies often arise quickly. Blogging on our website allows us to timely create content and promptly direct divorcing parties and mediation clients to valuable information and links to other internet resources.

My colleague Chris (Colorado divorce attorney-mediator and former marriage and family therapist Christopher L. Griffith, J.D., M.S.) and I (I'm Lawrence F. King -- I go by "Larry" and am also a Colorado divorce attorney-mediator) will post to this news and information blog.

To stay current, feel free to subscribe to our news feed. More details on your options and "how to" subscribe (so you are regularly notified when we add new posts!) may be found on our main Colorado divorce law and mediation website's homepage.